David WebleyManaging Director

    David Webley is the Founder and Managing Director of Granite Consulting, a global IT recruitment provider delivering global business solutions more aligned with consulting than recruitment.

    He is passionate about all things people and the realisation and fulfillment of talent. Having joined a professional services firm after graduating university, he realised IT recruitment and consulting was an industry he loved, allowing him to align a person’s values with their career aspirations.

    In 2008, Granite Consulting opened its head office in Melbourne amidst the Global Financial Crisis. Granite Consulting quickly earned a reputation as an innovative IT recruitment and consulting business, thriving in a crowded market through its commitment to learning, holistic approach and values based recruitment. In 2013, Granite Consulting featured in the BRW Fast Starters and opened its UK office the following year, where David also bases himself for several months each year.

    David is a respected talent and engagement specialist driven by his belief that “humans have an innate desire to work and contribute”.  He enjoys helping people get the most out of their potential, guiding them to link their values to business to achieve personal fulfillment whilst contributing to bigger picture demands across the globe.

    David is married and has two daughters. He loves exercise and sport generally, eating good food and travelling. He enjoys history, reading and great wine.

    Phone +613 9094 0900
    Email david.webley@graniteconsulting.com.au